Our Process

Our work methodology includes four distinct phases: Discovery and Analysis, Definition, Visual Proposal, And Delivery and Implementation.
Discovery and Analysis
In this phase we begin by planning the approach and scope of work. The idea is to understand current views of the brand through the eyes of the key decision makers and the market. The result is building a consensus around the key objectives of the organization relative to the project, and conducting research to gain a better understanding of who the target is, what their needs are, and how to reach them.
Armed with the knowledge gathered during the Discovery and Analysis phases, we create a brand, communication and technology vision. Feedback from your team will guide the plan and the scope of deliverables in the next phase of work.
Visual Proposal
In this phase we synthesize the findings from the previous phases of work to create the final strategy deliverables. The combined results build up the Brand Platform, which includes branding and creative strategies that bring the brand to life, and provides the road map for creative execution. Assets created in the Brand Platform are also applied to communication vehicles in this phase. A style guide is a key deliverable in the Visual Proposal phase.
Delivery and Implementation
This phase involves the mechanical execution of all graphic deliverables. Close adherence to the style guide ensures the consistency of the brand marketing vehicles, regardless of who executes the work.