Ed Alvarez, photographer and ceo of Muse Visual Arts

Ed Alvarez

As the team leader, Ed is a creative problem solver dedicated to developing winning strategies and communications. As a seasoned graphic designer he has successfully navigated through over 25 years of marketing challenges, developing brands and creating engaging advertising campaigns.

He also combines his professional experience and photographic knowledge with current technology to create lasting iconic images. Driven by a fascination for form, light, and texture, his images intertwine ideas of elegance, perfection, and mystery, aiming to serve the needs of both advertising and corporate work.


Vince Alvarez

Armed with an irrepressible passion for music, art and culture, combined with a daring attitude, Vince is our main web developer since he joined us early in 2007

He came to our team with strong programming capabilities as well as a keen sense for design. He cut his teeth on the internet while he was still a teenager, and got graphics in his blood as a young child watching his father's involvement since the mid 90's.

Aron Davila

Aron Davila

Aron is an Art Director with several years of experience in all aspects of design, from concept to development. Throughout his design career he has created numerous marketing pieces including brochures, branding, guidebooks, product packaging and custom illustrations.

As an indie filmmaker Aron understands the critical nature of capturing the subjects in their essence. This approach has helped him when directing many successful corporate photo and video shoots. He is also an accomplished musician and songwriter.